About Marcus du Fay

Marcus Du Fay is the unscrupulous hero of  Terminal Contact and its sequel Hidden Darkness. As the main storyline progressed, it became evident that a unique character would be required to bring it all together.

Marcus is a merging of the traditional hero and villain into what is sometimes referred to as an anti-hero. Essentially a character with good intentions, but sees the cost of how goals are reached as shades of grey.

He is defined as a man of his times (the near future) and not a characterisation of any other anti-heroes in literature or film. Neither is he is a reflection of the author and in many respects is quite the opposite, which is why he is fun to write for.

His personality traits are part reflections of people the author has known in life and read about in fiction. From his initial outline he developed into an enigmatic persona of moral extremes.

As the character developed, Marcus's own storyline and history readily provided other content for an anthology, already outlined in several documents.

Most of all it is hoped that the character he represents will reflect the best and worst in humanity. Terminal Contact is scheduled for a final draft to be completed in 2020.